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For several decades scholars have attempted to segment the arc of human activity into exclusive domains which, although in accord with western intellectual tradition and culture, has in practice resulted in the building of isolated organisational and disciplinary empires. Specialisation, fragmentation, and isolation have tended to deny the concept of interrelatedness of scientific, social, and psychological phenomena and prevent a discussion of totalities. In more recent times, the desire to inhibit conflict and confrontation of all kinds has amplified this practice as discussions of parts and means are less disruptive and more convenient than discussions of wholes and ends.

See H. Lasswell, "Foreign Influences on American Labor," in J. Hardman and associates, American Labor Dynamics, New York, 1928, p. 363. 9 See A. Braun thai, "Economic and Social Aspects of International Trade Union Work," Annals of American Academy of Political Science, Vol. 310, March 1957, p. 21-30. 10 See USA Government: Commission on Foreign Economic Policy, Report to the President and Congress, Washington, 1954, pp. 62-63, and for importance of wage-cost see dissenting view of Senator E. Millickin at p.

Complex whole" or "totality" that more specific institu· tions or organisations can be properly considered. With· out a knowledge of the basic culture it is impossible to assess the full range of consequences, both manifest and latent, positive and negative of any social organisation or institution. This is especially true in the case of trade unions which carry with them implicit notions of stru~ ture and function derived from other cultures. For these reasons extensive use is made of the con· cepts and approaches of both social psychology and anthropology.

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