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By Patricia Bolton

Начинающие и опытные швеи найдут вдохновение и образование в этой поучительной книге. Она сочетает основополагающие методы шитья и искусства создания единственного в своем роде произведения искусства. Лоскутное искусство, а также новые методов в самых современных сегодняшних одеял. Практические занятия и каждая глава демонстрирует различные арт-квилтинга, концепции и смешанные методы создания ткани сразу.

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Wrap the quilt top around the fast2fuse interfacing to the back and fuse. Machine quilt, then add a fused backing and hanging loop for display. Fusible webbing opens up a world of quick, fun, and appealing design opportunities. Take time to experiment with the variety of fusible products available. You’ll learn which ones work best for the fabrics you are using. Then have fun creating! 5" L (29cm x 32cm). 48 wywywywywy wywywywywywy w y wywywywywy wywywywywywy Reverse Appliqué Deana Hartman I fInd reverse applIqué especially liberating.

Look to see if you have created an unintentional focal point with a dark or light value fabric or embellishment. The value of the colors in your artwork can create specific effects such as the illusion of distance. Something depicted with highvalue contrast will appear to come forward while a low-value contrast will appear to recede. Warm colors such as red and orange also appear to come forward while cool colors seem to move away. Objects seen from a distance will appear grayer and bluer, as in the smoky purple of distant mountains.

Both of these artworks make an effective connection to the viewer through the use of scale. Proportion Scale can also refer to the subject within the frame or its internal proportions. Proportion refers to either the size of the work in relation to something else or the way the size of the elements within a work of art relate to each other. A soloist is given greater importance than the rest of the band by turning a spotlight on her, or just by having her step forward from the group. The larger the scale of any one element within an artwork, the greater its emphasis.

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