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By Martin F. Kilmer and Robert Develin

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V. Amphitrite 53 pl. v. CharikloI pl. 150. lfrlTp 'Eoarci Leto Khariqlo/Khariklo Demeter Hestia 1Three-bar sigma. 2 four-barsigma;stemmedrho. E[IAON] no=stKov NAApvrpt"rlj AN[~dITPITE] NU^Cra NYEAI HEP[.... 62, fig. 13; Bakir 1981: pl. 6 A3. 65; Bakir 1981: Al pls. 1-2, figs. 1-4; Williams 1983: 13-34, with additionalfragments. ~ilp Khariklo Xap{Kxo +API9AO Leto AETO Ailz6 AIONYXO, At6vuao; Dionysos Hebe HEBE "H3rj Khiron +IPON Xipwv0/XCfpov Themis EEMIZ Og4u; NYDAI N'cpac Nymphs Hera HEPA "Hpa IEYX Zeus ZAU; +APITEE Kharites Xa6pvIs; Poseidon IrIOEEIAON Floa&i6&w 3Thereadingverydubious.

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