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By Phil Masters

Sinbad the Sailor offers a retelling of the tales of the main recognized adventurer from 1000 and One Arabian Nights, with extra details protecting the heritage of the tales and the age during which they're set.
Stories say that during the age of the Caliph Haroun al-Rashid, within the port urban of Basra, there lived a filthy rich guy named Sinbad the Sailor. Sinbad had nice stories to inform, of the seven voyages on which he got his fortune, of the strangeness and terror he encountered alongside the best way, of big monsters and weird humans, and of storms at sea and lands past the horizon.

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Then I remembered a story I had heard from other travellers, of the lands of the Diamond Mountains. The valley where diamonds were found was, I had been told, completely inaccessible, and so the traders of those lands had invented a way to retrieve the stones. They took sheep and slaughtered and skinned them, and threw the carcasses down into the valley from the heights of a nearby mountain. Because they were fresh, soft, and bloody, some of the diamonds would stick to them. The great vultures and eagles of the region would be drawn to the meat, descend into the valley, take up the carcasses, and fly up to their nests in the heights to feed.

I stepped inside and moved the boulder. However, just as I began to relax, my eyes became accustomed to the darkness, and I saw at the far end of the cave one of the giant serpents – a mother, wrapped around a clutch of eggs! But I had no option now but to stay quietly where I was. I spent a sleepless night thus, terrified lest the monster notice me. I was relieved beyond measure when morning came, and the other serpents returned to their lairs. Carefully, I rolled the boulder back and ventured out once more.

In a town on that island, I sold more of my diamonds, and then took ship once again with my new friends. We sailed from land to land to Basrah, from where I travelled back home to Baghdad, where I sold the last of my diamonds and trade-goods for a great profit. Then I settled down once again, wearing fine clothes, eating good food, and drinking fine wine, until again a foolish wanderlust overcame me ... But I will tell the story of my third voyage tomorrow. At that, Sinbad the Porter thanked his host for the wonderful tale, and Sinbad the Sailor gave him another gift of a hundred dinars before he returned home.

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