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By Nigel Davies

If you could have loved studying our chess books, wait till you might have obvious what is in this CD! Everyman Chess are overjoyed so that it will offer you "Play 1 e4 e5!" in a structure excellent for desktop viewing. this may show you how to hyperlink to all of the chess video games, remark and textual content from the unique publication, and replay and engage with the strikes simply onscreen. there is not any doubt that 1...e5 is one in every of Black's most fulfilling and but competitive methods of assembly 1 e4. it is also real that a few Black gamers are do away with by way of the possible never-ending variety of diversifications. besides the fact that, the following Nigel Davies presents a whole solution to this perennial challenge through providing a concise and sensible repertoire for the Black participant, when crucially together with a responsible defence to the Ruy Lopez - White's preferred attacking attempt. Davies is the right selection for this topic, having been battle-hardened via years of overseas pageant in those openings. It presents an entire defence to one e4. All of White's attempts are coated. It comprises White's major weapon, the Ruy Lopez.

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E5. Qe2 variation. One of the advantages of playing Qe2 a move earlier is that White avoids the Open Variation after 5 2 0-0 Nxe4. 0-0 And here is the transposition. d4 in this position but went off the idea after a couple of games I played in Serbia. c4 Qd7!? Bc2 Qg4 Black had developed some nasty threats on the kingside. d4 A sharp and direct move which needs accurate handling by Black. Rd1 , 9 h3 and 9 a4 see KaminskiDavies. Bg4 This, in turn, is the most natural reply, exerting pressure on the d4-pawn.

Qf3 White had the initiative in PanchenkoSavon, Moscow 1979. Ba2! c4 g6 left White struggling to justify his play in TolushGeller, USSR Championship 1958. cxd4 c5 gave Black excellent counterplay in Tolush-Bronstein, USSR Championship 1958. cxd4 Na5 There seems to be nothing wrong with this straightforward, economical move. e5 Ne4 in this position, with complications that most Ruy Lopez players will have studied. h3 The fashionable move. Nxc3 Ncb6 brought about an equal endgame in Sznapik-Milos, Thessaloniki Olympiad 1984.

A5 c5! and Black had the initiative. g5 Qf5 should win for Black. Qe3 bxa4! Initiating counterplay on the queenside. Nd2 f6 And now Black sets about opening up the kingside. The play on both flanks is very instructive - when White's pieces are drawn to the queenside there are fewer defenders available for the king. Nd3 This looks like a slip. Ra1 and ask how Black intends to play for a win. Rxa4? Kh2 Qf1 etc. Nc5? Losing. Ra2 , when he is still hanging on. Kh2 Nxh3 wins for Black. Qe1 This looks quite odd, but White defends the e4-pawn whilst keeping the option open of playing d2-d4 in one move rather than first putting the pawn on d3.

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