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During this quantity an inquiry into the character of the inventive procedure is tried by means of paying shut realization to the lives of varied artists, poets, novelists and playwrights, and chosen works of every with a purpose to show a necessary dating among the 2, and that it truly is so much tough to delineate the nuances of the inventive act by means of treating them as separate entitites. Emphasis is positioned upon the impact of  Read more...

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Prince (1914) has described in detail the creative responses of a subject who had written a poem “automatically” that was based upon a dream or series of dreams. ” (p. indb 25 10/26/09 12:47:19 PM 26 LIFE AND ART how the poem for Keats represented an attempt at restoration of the lost object. The first is from “I Stood Tip-Toe …” The breezes were ethereal, and pure, And crept through half-closed lattices to cure The languid sick; it cool’d their fever’d sleep, Soon they awoke clear eyed: nor burnt with thirsting Not with hot fingers, nor with temples bursting: And springing up, they met the wond’ring sight Of their dear friends, nigh foolish with delight; Who feel their arms, and breasts, and kiss and stare, And on their placid foreheads part the hair.

2. All excerpts are from The Poetical Works of John Keats. Ed. W. Garrod. Oxford Univ. Press, 1956. 3. All material from Keats’ letters is taken from The Letters of John Keats. Ed. B. Forman, Oxford Univ. Press, 1952. 4. Each of the title subjects of Keats’ six odes is a feminine symbol and considered to be immortal. ” 5. I am indebted to Dr. Salvatore Tuzzo for this material. indb 38 10/26/09 12:47:23 PM CHAPTER TWO Joseph Conrad J oseph Conrad has been a figure of great interest within the field of psychobiography and the study of the creative process.

Jacobson, 1965) Nagera (1970) feels that “The latency child strongly cathects a fantasy life where the lost object may be seen as alive and at times as ideal” (p. 381), and that this fantasy is often kept secret. In Conrad’s case, his mother died of a respiratory infection following a prolonged terminal illness during which she was not optimally available to look after him. The fact that she had once nursed him through a near-fatal episode of pneumonia prior to the onset of her symptoms would have reinforced her significance for him in terms of his dependent needs.

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