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16 mg GE g−1 invertase activity, respectively. The same trend was followed at all incubations. Similarly, by increasing the incubation period, invertase activity also increased at all concentrations, at maximum interval of 30 days; later it declined. 4 mg GE g−1 activity at 0 day, it increased by 507 % at 30 days, and then reduced by 43 % at 40 days interval. The same results were observed in the remaining three samples. 4. Here also similar results were obtained. By increasing the concentration of effluent, the invertase activity increased up to 10 % effluent concentration and later it decreased.

Proceedings from the Great Plains soil fertility conference proceedings, Denver, CO, 2–4 Mar 2004 Olfert O, Johnson GD, Brandt SA, Thomas AG (2002) Use of arthropod diversity and abundance to evaluate cropping systems. Agron J 94:210–216 Omar SA, Abd-Alla MA (2000) Microbial populations and enzyme activities in soil treated with pesticides. Water Air Soil Pollut 127(1–4):49–63 Pahwa SH, Bajaj K (1999) Effect of pre-emergence herbicides on the activity of α-amylase and protease enzyme during germination in pigeon pea and carpet weed.

Invertase, and amylase activities and relationships, with other properties. N Z J Sci 16:209–224 Ross DJ, Speir TW (1984) Temporal fluctuations in biochemical properties of soil under pasture. II. Nitrogen mineralization and enzyme activities. Aust J Soil Res 22:319–330 Ruggiero P, Dec J, Bollag JM (1996) Soil as a catalytic system p. In: Stotzky G, Bollag JM (eds) Soil biochemistry, vol 9. Marcel Dekker, New York, pp 79–122 Sarade R, Richard J (1994) Characterization and enumeration of micro-organisms associated with anaerobic digestion of tomato processing waste.

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