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The daily briefing frequency was progressively downscaled from seven to five days a week when the tempo of operations calmed down. • Special briefings were organized at the IFOR press center when needed, most notably during VIP visits. • IFOR/SFOR PI maintained informal relations with journalists. Before and after the daily briefing, journalists, spokesmen, and public information officers gathered in the CPIC hallway around a cup of coffee for informal chats and interviews. The informal interactions allowed PIOs and journalists to gain insights into each other’s work.

The PIO related the information to the operationscenter for further verification. It turned out that, in fact, the soldiers were not IFOR. IFOR acted to have the badges removed and the PIOs received appropriate guidance to answer journalists’ questions on the issue. In another instance, the MND (SW) PIO became aware that an attempted DPRE return in Tito Drvar was underway. He sent down one of his officers to gather information and prepare a public statement. IFOR PIO COMARRC COSARRC ARRC PIO COM MND SE COS MND SE MND SE G-3 MND SE PIO Legend Chain of Command Functional Information Chain Target Bosnia COMIFOR 54 Figure 5: The Information Chain Process The Public Information Campaign 55 No arrangement or procedure is fault-proof, and however integrated the PIO and operations are, incidents where the media will scoop the military will occur.

N. DIV. HQ PIO Yugosl. PI 38 Target Bosnia ARRC and IFOR HQs responsibilities. The tensions were especially visible at the Coalition Press and Information Center, a structure shared by IFOR and ARRC. Indeed throughout most of the IFOR operations, each headquarters sought to exercise a quasi-command relationship over the CPIC, mainly through their respective augmentees. 40 The structure was completed with PI offices and subordinate Coalition Press and Information Centers (subCPIC) established at divisional headquarters, where support activity was taking place, and at transit locations (most notably at port of entry and at arrival airports or airfields across B-H).

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