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By Salman Akhtar, Vamik D. Volkan

'This ebook is a massive contribution to tradition and to the psychoanalytic literature. The authors discover how animals, either wild and domesticated, have robust symbolic meanings in our psyches, mythology, faith, literature, paintings, song, and pop culture. From the prehistoric artwork of Lascaux to Picasso, from The Fly to the yank eagle, the psychoanalytic perceptions are refined and suggestive, the aesthetic,  Read more...

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The infant's experience is a forerunner of fluid boundaryless perceptions which contribute in later life to primary process creativity, dreams, daydreams, fantasies, and to the religious experiences of animism. A continuing sense of primal fascination with the surging richness and mystery of the living world is portrayed in the folklore of many cultures. Gradually, the seemingly amorphous kaleidoscopic quality of the world yields as the young infant explores and begins to discover regularities and perceive patterns.

Defensive denial of ownership or projected negative impulses may be reinforced by thinking of them as being nonhuman and as belonging to some beast or wild animal; 15 idealized maternal characteristics may be attributed to a cuddly pet or stuffed animal. The world of illusion can serve not only for defensive projection but also as a malleable imaginary field in which the toddler can experimentally juxtapose, simultaneously experience, and start to integrate polarized partial images of his or her self and of others.

1975). Having identified with the activity of mother as active transformer, the toddler takes the initiative, within the malleable world of internal illusion, to imaginatively change and remake the shape of the painful reality (Byerly, 1993) Y This state of illusion was described by Winnicott (1953) as a "transitional" state. The illusion of mother's presence may be concretized and reinforced by attributing imagined characteristics of mother to an available inanimate object that resembles or is reminiscent of her nurturing or cuddly qualities (often a stuffed animal), creating a transitional object (Winnicott, 1953).

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