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In the Meiji period, Japan had no scientific community. Those who wanted to study modern science and technology had to do so from Western books and teachers. By 1945, there was an established scientific community, which educated the author's generation. The “post-war miracle” was not revolutionary for scientists; the traditions remained intact. Only social and political change brought about the new market-oriented paradigm of scientific research and development that replaced the military-oriented one.

His determination of solstitial time errs by only several minutes, while that of Ibn Yunis was incorrect by several hours, and Ptolemy’s by more than a day. ” In fact, Guo’s observations helped Laplace establish the validity of his own theory of secular variation in the obliquity (the angle between the ecliptic and the Equator). The approach of Guo and his team was purely numerical. They rejected the grand conjunction as the starting point of his calendrical system, earlier determined by the onerous calculation of what amounted to arbitrary indeterminate equations.

By Way of Conclusion: a Brief Comparison with the Japanese Situation A comparison with modernization in Japan will, in some ways explain a number of the factors that could have led to Egypt’s failures, since the two experiences unquestionably have numerous points in common. In both cases one deals with independent states that modernized and introduced European science and technology to counter European expansion. In both cases this modernization began by giving priority to the military aspect before subsequently opening up to civilian applications, from the 1830s in Egypt, and essentially with the 1867 Meiji Restoration in Japan.

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