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By Holger Pettersson MD, PhD, Derek C. F. Harwood-Nash MB, ChB, FRCP(C) (auth.)

To learn the phenomenon of sickness with out books is to sail an uncharted sea. whereas to review books with out sufferers isn't to visit sea in any respect. Sir William Osler Over a interval of 5 years, the impression of computed tomography (CT) on pediatric neuroradiology on the clinic for ailing young children, Toronto, has been, as anticipated, within the evaluation of the mind and its abnormalities. Concurrent with this program used to be the advent of Metrizamide (Amipaque, Nyegaard & Co. AS, Oslo, Norway), a water-soluble CSF distinction medium, used essentially as a myelog­ raphic agent. the following software of the wide-aperture CT scanner to imaging of the backbone in young children supplied extraordinary advances within the scientific administration of spinal affliction seeing that CT is much extra actual than commonplace neuroradiologic strategies. The com­ bination of CT and Metrizamide additional one other measurement to the imaging of the backbone and of the spinal twine and nerve roots. Such spinal CT and CT Metrizamide myelography in young ones now occupies an important a part of daily pediatric neuroradiologic perform. they've got dramatically more desirable our knowing of the traditional anatomy and pathologic entities of the backbone and its contents in childrens; have altered and more desirable the surgical administration of such illnesses; and feature considerably more desirable the medical deal with­ ment of such illnesses within the specialties of neurosurgery, orthopedic surgical procedure, and genito-urinary surgical procedure . .

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1980). In our series of 110 children examined with CTMM because of dysraphism, we found diastematomyelia in 31 cases (28%), a very high frequency compared with previous reports. As reported by Scotti et al. (1980), a bony spur or bridge or a fibrous septum separating the two parts of the cord is not as common as previously thought and in our material this was seen only in 10 cases (33%) (Fig. 11). In all cases with a bony spur or cartilagenous or fibrous septum there was a complete dural sac on each side of the division.

Primary Neoplasms of Neural Origin Primary malignant neoplasms of neural origin are rare, with an annual incidence rate in the United States of about three per million (calculated from Young and Miller [1975] in their report of the Third National Cancer Survey, and the assumption that 10% of all CNS malignancies in childhood occur in the spine [Harwood-Nash and Fitz, 1980]). 60 cr and Myelography of the Spine and Cord Neurofibroma, a histologically benign tumor of neural origin, is also rare in absolute figures but among the neoplasms of neural origin it is common according to the Mayo series reported by Sloof et al.

The cord is small, and anteriorly placed in the subarachnoid space and spinal canal. The nerve roots (open arrow) and the anterior spinal artery (black arrow) are visualized. Note the open neurocentral synchondrosis. kyphosis of the thoracic spine and is the only area in which the cord is normally anteriorly placed in the canal. However, before the normal lordosis and kyphosis have developed in the infant, the cord is central in this region. In the thoracic area, the extradural space, containing more fat, is larger than in the cervical area.

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