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By Lizzie Houghton

Crafters are embracing felting as the most interesting and flexible concepts around—and cloth artist Lizzie Houghton bargains 30 attractive tasks that really stand proud of the gang. Her thorough, fully-illustrated educational within the fundamentals will open the craft as much as an individual: it contains every thing from laying out the cloth and community felting to third-dimensional kinds. newcomers then have the abilities they should create refined variances in colour; perform daring, playful experiments; and paintings with conventional fibers in addition to velvets, silks, and embroidery. The scarves, wraps, pillows, throws, and different felted designs all function nature-inspired colors, from the fiery colorations of chili and poppy and rust to the earthy tones of fern and moss.

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3. Cut five or six holly leaves from the green paper, and punch a hole in the base of each. 4. Form the red and gold ribbon into a bow, and twist the wire around the center of the bow and the holly berry stems. Thread the wire through the holly leaves and around the center of the bow. 5. Wire the bow onto the clip handle at the base of the glue stick. Arrange the leaves and glue them in place. LEAF PATTERN Cut several holly leaves from metallic wrapping paper, and punch a hole in one end Mistletoe Ball 2 Mistletoe, possessor of magical qualities, invites people to kiss under the cluster of leaves and berries.

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Again, fold the strip evenly, matching (A) to (B), and pin beside the fold at (C). Rotate the strip on (A), and place pins all around at several point (C)s. c. Remove the strip, and fold it into eight even sections. Wrap it around at the (C) pins, and pin different colored pins at each fold. Remove the (C) pins. 3. For guide threads, thread the needle with a colored thread that measures eight times the circumference of the ball. Secure the thread, and wrap it from (A) to (B), touching a (C) pin.

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