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By David R. Montgomery

Crafts and talents of local americans is an interesting, useful advisor to the talents that experience made local American well-known around the world as artisans and craftsmen. Readers can mirror conventional local American residing through making an attempt a hand at mind tanning, making a choice on animal tracks, or developing a horse saddle. Readers may also make targeted local American beaded jewellery, various moccasins, headdresses, and Read more...

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Cm. Includes bibliographical references and index. 9781602396760 1. Indian craft. 2. Indian arts—North America. 3. Indians of North America—Industries. I. Title. 5—dc222009003774 2009003774 Printed in China Table of Contents Title Page Copyright Page CHAPTER 1 - SHELTERS CHAPTER 2 - TOOLS CHAPTER 3 - WEAPONS CHAPTER 4 - HUNTING, TRACKING, AND TRAPPING CHAPTER 5 - TANNING CHAPTER 6 - CLOTHING CHAPTER 7 - COOKING AND EATING UTENSILS CHAPTER 8 - FOODS CHAPTER 9 - TRANSPORTATION CHAPTER 10 - POUCHES, SCABBARDS, AND ASSORTED GEAR CHAPTER 11 - JEWELRY AND ORNAMENTS CHAPTER 12 - BEAD AND QUILL WORK CHAPTER 13 - MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS AND GAMES GLOSSARY ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY OF SELECTED BOOKS INDEX The Native Americans were a resourceful and ingenious people in the types of dwellings they chose to build and live in.

The buffalo was the major raw material for the cover and dew cloth although elk and other hides were used. Lodge pole pine was generally used for the framework. Anywhere from 10 to 20 hides were sewn together with sinew by tribe members who had the specific skills for tipi construction. Each tribe had their specific style but the tipis were all very similar. Crow Indians used a four-pole lodge as compared to the Cheyenne’s three-pole lodge. The four-pole had shorter smoke flaps and a different cut in the base of the tipi.

Sac and Fox Style Leggings Breech Clout This was a must of the times. They were made of soft buckskin or cloth. It varied in length according to the tribe. The Sac or Fox clouts were so short they looked like diapers. Cut out of wool blanket, red or blue trade cloth, or buckskin. Leather strip for belt. How the breech clout is worn between the legs. Sac and Fox Style Capote (Blanket Coat) The Hudson Bay Company was established in the territories of England to establish a fur trade with the Native Americans.

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