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By Walter Ameling et al. (eds.)

The second one quantity of the Corpus Inscriptionum Iudaeae/Palaestinae covers the inscriptions of Caesarea Maritima and the coastal quarter of the center Coast from Tel Aviv within the south to Haifa within the north from the time of Alexander to the Muslim conquest. The approx. 1,050 texts include all of the languages used for inscriptions in this interval (Greek, Latin, Hebrew, Aramaic, Samaritan, Syrian, and Persian) and are prepared based on the important settlements and their territory. the nice majority of the texts belongs to Caesarea, the capital of the province of Judaea/Syria Palaestina. No different position in Judaea has produced extra Latin inscriptions than this region, reflecting the robust Roman impact at the urban.

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The epitaph can be dated to the 4-6 c. AD. : J. Euting, SPAW 35, 1885, 669ff. no. ) (ed. ). – Ch. Clermont-Ganneau, AMSL 11, 1885, 157; J. Germer-Durand, RB 1, 1892, 247f. no. ; BE 1893, p. 289; Ch. Clermont-Ganneau, RAO 4, 1901, 141; R. -M. Abel, RB 14, 1905, 606; BE 1907, p. 91; J. ; Klein, JPCI no. 157; H. 10 I. Apollonia – Arsuf Leclercq, DACL 6, 1924, 716ff. ); Peterson 42; Avi-Yonah, Abbreviations 88; M. ); Goodenough, Jewish Symbols I 225; S. Saller, SBF 4, 1953/54, 223 no. 10; B. ; BE 1964, 506; B.

170 CE. See Meimaris, Chron. ; regarding the present inscription, Meimaris mentions both Pompeian and Gabinian eras without preference; Di Segni (DGI) assumes that a Pompeian era is used. – The exhortation in the final line is apparently addressed to the deceased. – Frey included this text in CIJ, but there is no indisputable reason to identify it as Jewish. : Ch. ; L. Vincent, RB 18, 1909, 445f. (edd. ). – BE 1904, 261; 1910, 336; E. Baumann, ZDPV MN 16, 1910, 47; Klein, JPCI 52 no. 158, p. 105; CIJ 2, 891; IMC no.

Josephus, BJ 3,412-3. Josephus, BJ 4,87-8, trans. Thackeray, Loeb. Josephus, BJ 4,443. Suetonius, Vesp. 6, however, asserts that Vespasian was proclaimed emperor first on 1 July, by Tiberius Julius Alexander and the army in Egypt and on 11 July by the army in Judaea. Tacitus, Hist. 2,79 has the same date as Suetonius for Tiberius Iulius Alexander’s and 3 July for Vespasian’s own troops. Josephus, BJ 4,601 ff. provides no exact date, but gives priority to the army in Judaea. According to him Mucianus followed while Alexander did so only after a personal appeal by Vespasian himself.

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