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I'm sorry, Fran," Ben said as I climbed off his bike. I felt like crying, but I knew that was stupid—Tesla hadn't been hurt (at least I didn't think he had), he was just stolen. " "Look where? We looked everywhere within a two-hour radius. " Ben got off the bike and pulled me into a hug. "We'll find him, Fran. I promise you that we'll find him," he said, his breath ruffling my hair. I leaned againsthim, an odd sense of Tightness creeping over me that distracted me for a minute from Tesla. I had told Ben the previous month that I was willing for us to try the girlfriend/boyfriend thing, but I had said that just because I liked him so much.

Smile. " She beamed back at me. "It'll be a lovely date, Fran. " I was a bit less optimistic, but I still waved cheerily to her as I trotted toward Talullah's trailer. Soren was still busy, so I was on my own with Talullah. Even though she was older than my mother, Talullah had a little blue Vespa that she used to zoom around wherever we were staying, strapping Wennie the pug into a basket on the front of the scooter so he wouldn't fall out and get run over. I found her just leaving hertrailer, her shopping bag tucked under one arm, Wennie in his lightweight travel jacket in the other.

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