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By Karsten Müller

Safeguard to the tip! some of the most vital talents a chessplayer wishes is the facility to shield a place that's below siege. during this 3rd quantity within the hugely acclaimed, best-selling ChessCafe Puzzle e-book sequence, foreign Grandmaster Karsten Müller besides foreign grasp Merij van Delft study and expound upon the important protecting recommendations and methods used to repulse enemy assaults. significant issues comprise (1) rules and strategies of protecting; (2) protecting opposed to a right away assault at the king; (3) Countering the initiative; (4) Saving the draw; (5) Passive as opposed to lively protection; and (6) Use and improvement of counterplay. some of the international s maximum gamers Steinitz, Lasker, Petrosian have been well-known for his or her mythical shielding talents. Now overseas Grandmaster Karsten Müller besides foreign grasp Merijn van Delft will convey you the way you could attempt and enhance Your protective ability.

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24... Etc1 ~f6 26. ~f5 ~e7 Black has managed to establish the black-square blockade he was aiming for. §b4! Exchanging one pair of rooks further strengthens Black's control over the position. ~hl 4)e5! Etf2 ~a7 sight: having accurately calculated all lines, Leko was finally able to put the knight on its dream square. ~f6+ ~xh5 41. ~f5+ ~h6 42. ~d8+ ~e8 47. ~f6+ ~g8! , the black king will have escaped from the checks. A game of tremendous depth, both conceptually and tactically. Bastian (2411)R.

El leads to a typical Cochrane defense. §d8+ 1-0 5a2) Bishop versus Rook 79 ... §d7!? Af5 One typical drawing method is the stalemate defense in the comer that the bishop cannot control. 61 The ChessCaje Puzzle Book 3 endings as described in this chapter against a friend or a computer to test your defensive abilities! Marin (2583)REdouard (2597) Benasque 2009 (B) 5a3) Queen versus Rook This ending is of course in general won for the queen. But sometimes it runs into stalemate defenses, which are hard to break over the board.

As in almost any opening, White has decent chances for a theoretical edge, but a player like Shirov can be found on the black side of the discussion. Black tends to have "laser bishops" on b6 and b7, which gives his position great counterattacking potential. Ten years ago Dolmatov came up with an interesting new concept for White in this position. a51? The psychology behind this move can only be understood if we have a brieflook at the main line first. 4JxbS Ag4, Black has sacrificed a pawn for smooth development in the best gambit traditions.

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