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By Valentin Bogdanov

Chess defined books supply an realizing of a gap and the middlegames to which it leads, allowing you in finding the ideal strikes and plans on your personal video games. it truly is as though you have been sitting on the board with a chess trainer answering your questions about the plans for either side, the tips at the back of specific strikes, and what particular wisdom you want to have.The Gr?nfeld Defence is among the so much competitive openings at Black's disposal. He creates fast imbalance and plans to strike at White's centre with all on hand assets. An insipid reaction from White won't even preserve equality, so frequently traces he's taking up the gauntlet: he creates a wide pawn-centre and places this to take advantage of to release an assault. whereas the idea of those strains has been greatly built, there's a coherent logical thread operating via them: the Gr?nfeld is largely a gap of grand principles, which must be understood good in an effort to familiarize yourself with the idea and deal with the ensuing positions. This booklet offers a dialogue of all significant traces, and a different contribution from Viacheslav Eingorn at the key principles of the Rb1 alternate major line, which he used to be instrumental in constructing within the Seventies and Eighties.

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LtJc6 32 e5 ttJe7 33 �h3? i'c6+ White's last few moves were not best (the bishop on h3 is more of a hindrance than a 36 CHESS EXPLAINED: THE GRONFELD workhorse, and it was not necessary to allow, even briefly, a pin on the rook), and Black has acquired a serious initiative. 36 'it>g3? c2+ 38 'it>gl looks dangerous. White should hold the game, as he will play for a perpetual check on the squares d8, f6 and h4, in case Black attempts to activate the knight. c l? i'd5 (D). ••• w Having spent the last few seconds before the time-control and found nothing decisive, Black forgets about the presence of the mighty bishop on the long diagonal and makes a horrible move.

Xb2 17 0-0 White's dominance will quickly bring him new acquisi­ tions. Black, a pawn down, shifts into difficult defence and for a start exchanges off the active white rook. P the results: they are sad for Black - there is no compensation for the pawn. NON-STANDARD LINES WITH cxd5 35 w w Were his forces active, the somewhat open po­ sition of the enemy king might give him a glim­ mer of a hope, but even that is missing. On his last move Black had to choose which of the re­ maining minor pieces should be allotted more scope.

IgS This move saves the game. e8+ 'it>g7 40 h6+. f8?! xb5 with an even rook endgame. After the text-move Black again has to fight for the draw. c2 and winding up with a passive king is also unpleas­ ant. id4 Worse is 40... c2? xb2. ih6? The wrong square. ih4 was cor­ rect, tying Black down to the defence of the f6pawn, which, coupled with the advance of the passed pawn, gives White considerable win­ ning chances. Now Black activates his pieces and carefully works out a draw. -1h. ie3 0-0 In this game, we look at lines where Black embarks upon immediate counterplay involv­ ing the moves ...

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