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By Diana Wynne Jones

Welcome to the worlds of Chrestomanci, the place magic is as universal as arithmetic! every body says that Gwendolyn Chant is a proficient witch with unbelievable powers, so it matches her greatly while she is taken to reside in Chrestomanci fort. Her brother Eric (better referred to as Cat) isn't really so willing, for he has no expertise for magic in any respect. even if, existence with the good enchanter isn't what both of them expects and sparks start to fly! Winner of the parent Award.

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He was smiling as he came in, but the smile vanished when he saw the jug. The jug tried to vanish too. It fled back to the table at the sight of him, so quickly that cocoa slopped out of it onto Gwendolen’s dress—which may or may not have been an accident. Julia and Roger both looked stricken. Julia unknotted her handkerchief as if for dear life. “Well, I was coming in to say good morning,” Chrestomanci said. ” He looked from the jug to Julia’s marmalade-glistening cheeks. “If you two ever want to eat marmalade again,” he said, “you’d better do as you’re told.

You’ll be hobnobbing with all the crowned heads of Europe before long, my boy. ” Cat did not know what to think. This had told him precisely nothing, and made him more nervous than ever. He supposed Gwendolen must have written a very touching letter indeed. So the second great change came about in Cat’s life, and very dismal he feared it would be. All that next week, while they were hurrying about being 28 chresto-1-Charmed_Interior_E 2/7/02 8:44 AM Page 29 bought new clothes by Councillors’ wives, and while Gwendolen grew more and more excited and triumphant, Cat found he was missing Mrs.

He spoke of Studios and Schools, Quattrocento and Dutch Interiors, until Cat’s head went around. Cat looked at Mr. Saunders’ thin, square-cheeked face and marveled at all the knowledge behind it. Then Millie and Chrestomanci joined in. Millie recited a string of names Cat had never heard in his life before. Chrestomanci made comments on them, as if these names were intimate friends of his. Whatever the rest of the Family was like, Cat thought, Chrestomanci was not ordinary. He had very black bright eyes, which were striking even when he was looking vague and dreamy.

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