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By Colette Peters

Colette peters, the prestigious queen of the confectionary arts, unveils an inspiring source for critical domestic bakers, specialist cooks, and aÞcionados of Colette’s fabulous safe to eat structure. The creative cake decorator--whose superb and luscious concoctions have seemed far and wide from White apartment Christmases to royal weddings--presents a grasp type in cake layout and ornament, along an all-new number of her personal cake designs. With brownies to Dream On, Colette’s encouraged creations can now be rendered into show-stopping tarts of your own.

Cakes to Dream On unearths the secrets and techniques to fashioning attractive and totally unique muffins for all occasions--whether it’s a luxurious marriage reception (the majestic Ivory marriage ceremony Cake) or a fantastic children’s celebration (the whimsical Homage to Dr. Seuss). Colette provides designs for cake structure starting from the imperial beauty of Dolce de Medici, to the stylish grace of Bride’s classic Cameo, to the topsy-turvy daydream of Mad Tea Party.

Colette starts with the principles: she illuminates step-by-step the method of creating a multitiered cake, from choosing serving sizes and selecting acceptable cake pans to creating Þllings, and eventually stacking layers in order that they don’t tumble off the desk. brownies to Dream On additionally discloses insider tips of the exchange: Colette’s easy-to-follow directions in innovations reminiscent of sugarwork, gumpaste, brush embroidery, and piping can assist readers recreate the magnificent results of this singular confectioner’s toolbox.

Bakers--and their enthusiastic audiences--will notice that those sensual masterpieces tantalize the palate up to they do the attention. Colette’s cake recipes comprise the Coco-Loco Cake, an appealing marriage of coconut and occasional; the Meringue Buttercream and its luscious lemon, raspberry, and mocha variations; and the ambrosial caramel-tinged Heavenly White Cake.

As breathtaking as Colette’s cake works seem, her transparent motives of process are supposed to stimulate readers’ inventive instincts and provides them principles for crafting their very own particular confections. With greater than a hundred and fifty excellent full-color pictures illustrating either approaches and Þnished displays, and extra distinct guide than ever ahead of, muffins to Dream On will motivate readers to create their very own mouthwatering masterpieces. Colette’s grasp category is really a launchpad for cake lovers’ personal confectionary visions.

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When you’re using the same mixture to fill and frost the cake, spread the filling right to the edge. frosting a cake When frosting a dark-colored cake with a white or light-colored frosting, you may want to apply a crumb coat first, a thin underlayer of frosting that seals in the crumbs. To apply a crumb coat, brush off loose crumbs with a pastry brush. If possible, place the cake on a revolving cake stand (see page 39); it makes decorating much easier. Set aside 1 to 1 ¼ cups frosting for an 8-inch cake, about 1 ½ cups for a 9-inch cake, so that the remainder does not get contaminated with cake crumbs.

The weight of the chocolate is needed to give you the surface space to maneuver. Since most home bakers don’t have large blocks of chocolate in the house, here are some alternative methods. Melt some chocolate carefully in a double boiler so it doesn’t lose its shine, and spread it thinly on a cookie sheet or the bottom of a cake pan. When the chocolate sets, scrape it off with a plastic paint scraper or spackle knife to make long ribbons of chocolate. Gently shape the ribbons, transfer them to a covered container, and refrigerate to harden; then break up into smaller pieces.

Stir the chocolate occasionally while it is melting and keep a close eye on it. Remove from the heat when there are still a few small lumps, and let stand a minute or two longer; then stir until smooth. Chocolate left over heat too long may turn grainy. preparing pans Greasing instructions vary from recipe to recipe. For all butter cakes, plain metal baking pans must be greased or buttered, which means the interior of each pan should be coated evenly with soft unsalted butter. For these cakes, the bottom of each pan is lined with a round of parchment or waxed paper, which is also buttered.

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