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By J. F. Haldon

This e-book offers the 1st analytical account in English of significant advancements inside of Byzantine tradition, society and the kingdom within the an important formative interval from c.610-717. The 7th century observed the ultimate cave in of historical city civilization and municipal tradition, the increase of Islam, the evolution of styles of suggestion and social constitution that made imperial iconoclasm attainable, and the advance of country apparatuses--military, civil and fiscal--typical of the center Byzantine nation. additionally, in this interval, orthodox Christianity ultimately turned the unquestioned dominant tradition and a non secular framework of trust (to the exclusion of other platforms, that have been henceforth marginalized or proscribed).

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The treaty had almost been forgotten ; it acquired new actuality only when conquest reconstituted a common frontier between them. It is difficult to assign an exact date to this first great success of the Hittite king. It seems clear, however, from the sources that the event took place during the lifetime of'Abdi-Ashirta of Amurru (see below) whose death occurred late in the reign of Amenophis IV, perhaps about 1365. The Hittite victory upset the order in Syria; it destroyed Mitannian control, but it did not replace it as yet with an equally firm Hittite rule.

3, i, 2 ff. Ibid. 4 ff. Cambridge Histories Online © Cambridge University Press, 2008 THE FIRST SYRIAN WAR n happened before Shuppiluliumash appeared on the scene. 2 The Hittite conquest of northern Syria did not make Rib-Adda's situation any less dangerous. On the contrary it removed every restraint that had held back 'Abdi-Ashirta. Egyptian control had ceased for all practical purposes. 4 He used his enhanced position to expand inland toward Damascus and to get a firmer hold on the coast, to the dismay of Rib-Adda of Gubla.

Xvn, sect. iv. C. 2 In addition to victory over the Subarians in the west, the only other specific conquest attributed to Ashur-uballit is that he 'subdued Musri'. ) which proves the existence at that time of a Musri5 in the vicinity of the north Syrian city of Arpad; if this was meant, the conquest of Musri would have been no more than a part of Ashur-uballit's campaign against the Subarians. III. T H E ASSYRIANS IN BABYLONIA In the south, Ashur-uballit's relations with Babylonia were intimate and dramatic, and are fairly well known.

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