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By Agn#232;s Delage-Calvet, Anne Sohier - Fournel

Du fil, une aiguille, un morceau de tissu, un livre… Un equipment pour dcouvrir l. a. broderie immdiatement!Un livre equipment reprenant 2 chevettes de fil à broder DMC, 1 aiguille, 12 x 12 cm de toile de lin.Pour un public jeune et department qui dsire s’initier facilement à los angeles broderie et au aspect de croix.En quelques heures les dbutantes peuvent broder un abcdaire,dcorer un coussin ou bien customiser un vêtement.

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Outline of the Story At the time of the festival of St Pantelion, men and women, including the noblest and most beautiful ladies in the region, are accustomed to gather together in their finery to honour the saint. They exchange news about the noble deeds of love and chivalry which have been accomplished during the past year. The finest of the adventures are turned into a lay, named after the person whose adventure it is. The lay then circulates and becomes widely known, even in other lands. On the occasion in question, those assembled recount their adventures as normal, and they prepare to decide which one will be chosen for the new lay.

15-38 (first amplification of the prologue), (3) vv. 39-54 (second amplification of the prologue), (4) vv. 55-102 (the group of ladies, the ‘pointe plaisante’ and the idea for a new lay, (5) vv. 103-24 (the realisation of the new lay). Carlos Alvar envisages vv. 1-36 as a form of prologue and states that the last six lines constitute the ‘final del lai’ (p. 27). From this point of view, forty-two lines (one third of the text) are taken up by framing material. 49 Three Old French Narrative Lays successfully amidst a halo of marvels.

By articulating and recording a truism about knightly activity, the lady in Lecheor, and those who adopt her view, have shown themselves to be, in Marie’s words, ‘sutil de sens’ (Lais, Prologue, v. 20), and by implication they have put a clever gloss on Marie’s lettre. Another aim of this lay seems to have been to show women in a good light. They appear as perceptive and as able to penetrate beneath the surface of things. It is knights who are viewed here in a new light and ‘démythifiés’, to use Tobin’s term, rather than courtly love itself.

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