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By Arthur T. Benjamin, Ezra Brown

In Biscuits of quantity conception, the editors have selected articles which are quite well-written and that may be preferred by way of an individual who has taken (or is taking) a primary direction in quantity conception. This e-book might be used as a textbook complement for a host idea path, in particular person who calls for scholars to write down papers or do outdoor examining. The editors supply examples of a few of the possibilities.

The assortment is split into seven chapters: mathematics, Primes, Irrationality, Sums of Squares and Polygonal Numbers, Fibonacci Numbers, quantity Theoretic capabilities, and Elliptic Curves, Cubes and Fermat's final Theorem. as with every anthology, you don't need to learn the Biscuits so as. Dip into them at any place: decide anything from the desk of Contents that moves your fancy, and feature at it. If the top of an editorial leaves you puzzling over what occurs subsequent, then via all capacity dive in and perform some research. you simply may detect anything new!

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