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This, the 6th variation of the validated textbook on biocatalysis, feeds into undergraduate and graduate classes in glossy natural chemistry, besides being a concise creation to the sector. New fabric comprises color pictures and state of the art examine.

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1 Hydrolytic Reactions related fas hion, a successful sequential resolut ion of a bifunctional 1,2-amine via ester aminolysis was reported [63]. 7. Seq uential enzymatic resolution by hydrolysis and esterification od:;, " R k1 "OAe OAe .. OH p A S .. k2 k3 OAe " "OAe 00:' B .. " .. ; A k1 .. 0 0 0 RAO RAO OAR OH ~ k2 .. P R 0 OH OH ~ B R == k3 .. RAO OH ~ Q ~ k4 .. 0 0 RAO O AR ~ S C5H 11 ; condi tions: i-octa ne, hexanoi c acid, Pseudomonas sp . 8 . 6), the reso lutio n of a racemic alcohol can be effec ted by enantioselective hydrolysis of the corresponding ester or by esterification of the alcohol.

Dtsch . chem. Ges . 27: 2985 Koshland DE , Neet KE (1968 ) Ann . Rev . Biochem. 37: 359 Dewar MJS (1986) Enzyme 36: 8 A 'record' of rate acceleration factor of 1014 has been reported. See: Lipscomb WN (1982) Acc. Chem. Res. 15: 232 War shel A, Aqvist J, Creighton S (1989) Proc . Nat!. Acad. Sci. 86: 5820 Johnson LN (1984) Inclusion Compds. 3: 509 Ogston AG (1948) Nature 162: 963 The following rationale wa s adapted from : Jone s JB (1976) Biochemi cal System s in Org ani c Chemistry : Concepts, Principles and Opportun itie s.

Only a small proportion of enzymes used in biotransformations is obtained from plant sources, such as fruits and vegetables. Plant enzymes tend to be rather sensitive. I Introduction and Background Information 26 - Pure enzymes are usually very expensive and are thus mostly sold by the unit, while crude preparations are often shipped by the kg. Since the techniques for protein puri fication are becoming easier, thus making their isolation more economically feasible, the use of (partially) purified enzymes in biotransformations is steadily increasing.

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