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By Tim Curran

The day after day after today: Nuclear fallout. Mutations. lethal pandemics. Corpse wagons. physique pits. Empty towns. The human race trembling at the fringe of extinction. merely the determined live to tell the tale. one in every of them is Rick Nash. yet there's a rate for survival: communion with a starving evil born from the furnace of radioactive waste. It calls for sacrifice. simply it may maintain Nash one step sooner than the nightmare that stalks him-a sentient, seething plague-entity that stalks its selected prey: the final of the human race. to simply accept it's a residing demise. To defy it, a hell past imagining

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357 Smith and told him not to blow his fucking foot off with it. He also made us wear yellow miner’s hardhats with lights on them. Batteries being scarce, we weren’t allowed to turn them on without his say so. He showed me two white phosphorus grenades he had. ” I said. “If you get a pack of ‘em, these’ll sort ‘em out. ” Christ. Why did we go along with him? I don’t know. There was no threat intended or implied. We could have walked—sans the guns—anytime we wanted, but we really didn’t want to.

But not tonight. Heard a rumor from a ragbag this morning that the Hatchet Clans are pushing in from the north. ” I asked. He laughed. ” 6 “I puked out my last year of high school and stole a couple cars,” Sean told us later in his heavily-fortified basement apartment while we ate pork and beans and drank warm beer. “They sent me to Juvie. I got out and stole another car, led the State Police on a merry chase. Judge said join the Army or do time. I joined the Army. I was a scout with the 4th Cavalry.

I could hear the Trog breathing with a hollow hissing sort of sound. That urine stench grew stronger, a low and mean smell that made my eyes water. “Get ready,” Sean whispered. I saw a shadow emerge from the gloom…it was distorted, semi-human. It was making a low growling sound in its throat. It came up into the light, a grotesque caricature of a human being. It was woman, I thought. Broken, bent at the waist, one shoulder pulled up higher than that other. The left arm reached down near the knee and the other only to the waist.

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