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By Yates, Frances Amelia

A innovative e-book approximately mnemonic suggestions, and their relation to the background of philosophy, technological know-how, and literature

The historic Greeks, to whom a knowledgeable reminiscence was once of important importance—as it was once to all people ahead of the discovery of printing—created an complex reminiscence process, in accordance with a method of impressing "places" and "images" at the brain. Inherited and recorded by means of the Romans, this artwork of reminiscence handed into the ecu culture, to be revived, in occult shape, on the Renaissance, and especially by way of the unusual and noteworthy genius, Giordano Bruno. Such is the most subject matter of Frances Yates's targeted and detailed booklet, during which she sheds mild on such different topics as Dante's Divine Comedy, the shape of the Shakespearian theater, and the heritage of historical structure. other than its intrinsic fascination, this e-book is a useful contribution to aesthetics and psychology, and to the background of philosophy, of technological know-how, and of literature

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I, Praef. 2. THREE L A T I N SOURCES FOR T H E CLASSICAL ART OF idiosyncracy or their strangeness. This MEMORY impression may, however, b e d u e to t h e fact that w e h a v e n o t b e e n given a s p e c i m e n i m a g e h o w to remember, for example, the 'things' justice or a r e t r e a t e d b y t h e a u t h o r o f Ad and their parts, which of temperance Herennium 2 0 w h e n discussing the invention of the subject matter of a speech. T h e e l u s i v e n e s s o f t h e a r t o f m e m o r y is v e r y t r y i n g t o its historian.

W . L e e , 'Ut pictura poesis: T h e H u m a n i s t i c T h e o r y of P a i n t i n g ' , Art Bulletin, X X I I (1940), p . 197. 4 See below, p . 253 28 THE ART OF M E M O R Y I N GREECE: M E M O R Y AND THE publication of Orpheus' poetry; w h e n the emphasis entry which From is o n festivals and i n t e r e s t s u s is as Athens, of the system and the it c o m e s t o historical the prizes awarded Simonides T h e son of Leoprepes, of memory-aids, w o n statues times at t h e m . e. 5 It is k n o w n from other prize in old age; w h e n v i c t o r is c h a r a c t e r i s e d sources that Simonides t h i s is r e c o r d e d as on 'the inventor w o n the the Parian of the system chorus marble of the m e m o r y - aids'.

Fortunately our author disapproves of this since have would sumably m e a n that, b y a kind of inner stenography, the symbols that would possible that these G r e e k images for w o r d s are shorthand of course t h e m r e a d y w i t h o u t e x p e n d i n g effort in a s e a r c h for t h e m . ' world with ? the Greeks w h o have written on the m e m o r y have taken the persons in that on the method, would b e g i n t o c o v e r all t h e w o r d s u s e d . I n d e e d , h e is r a t h e r l e n i e n t not about ' m e m o r y for w o r d s ' o f a n y k i n d ; it m u s t b e tackled just b e c a u s e is m o r e difficult than ' m e m o r y for things'.

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