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By V. Odajnyk

Introducing a brand new typology according to strength, Eros, topic and Spirit because the motivations that outline human attitudes and behavior, the ebook outlines 8 character kinds in accordance with the extraverted and introverted deployment of the 4 drives and applies those typological different types to Freud, Adler and Jung.

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Unfortunately, not just typological categories, but every distinction among human beings can be used in a stereotypical manner to buttress prejudice, particularly if that distinction carries connotations of inferiority and superiority. The introduction of cultural, ethical and political evaluations of differences among human beings, therefore, is responsible for such irrational use of typological categories. The fact that sometimes people and institutions wrongfully use typology in this manner does not impugn its validity.

Projection creates a bridge between our psyche and the world and fosters relationships. Without projection there would be no connection, no fascination, no passion and no desire to know the universe and others. The veil of Maya is the Indian image of this projection-making tendency of the psyche. The veil of Maya is the “net” that envelops the entire universe and holds it together. Never mind that Maya is an illusory, deceptive, ephemeral unity that must be “seen through” to attain knowledge of ultimate reality and unity with Brahma.

At first sight, it may appear that Physis is a form of extraversion and Pneuma a form of introversion. But, as I will demonstrate, an introvert can be motivated by the archetype of Physis and an extravert by the archetype of Pneuma. I am aware that traditionally, the distinction is between Eros as desire and Logos as reason and not between Eros and Power. Moreover, the classical Greek opposition was between Eros as harmony and Eris as discord or strife. Freud introduced his own pairing, with Eros as the life instinct and Thanathos as the death drive.

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