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Byzantine Studies and Other Essays

Hardback, ex-library, with ordinary stamps and markings, in reasonable all around appropriate as a interpreting reproduction.

The Ancient Mariners: Seafarers and Sea Fighters of the Mediterranean in Ancient Times

Written through the well known authority on old ships and seafaring Lionel Casson, the traditional Mariners has lengthy served the desires of all who're attracted to the ocean, from the informal reader to the pro historian. This thoroughly revised variation takes into consideration the clean info that has seemed because the ebook used to be first released in 1959, in particular that from archaeology's most modern department, marine archaeology.

Clavis Commentariorum of Hebrew Liturgical Poetry in Manuscript (Clavis Commentariorum Antiquitatis et Medii Aevi, 4) (Clavis Commentariorum Antiquitatis Et Medii Aevi)

This quantity is a compendium of all recognized commentaries on Hebrew liturgical poetry (piyyut) preserved in manuscript shape. It comprises references to commentaries from many various Jewish groups, such a lot famous between them Ashkenaz, Tsarfat, Sepharad, Carpentras and Yemen, composed and copied in Medieval and Early glossy occasions.

An Index of Ancient Egyptian Titles, Epithets and Phrases of the Old Kingdom (bar s)

This huge two-volume paintings updates Murray's Index of previous country Titles released in 1908. as well as outdated country titles and words, there are a multitude from the Archaic interval and several other from the 1st Intermediate interval. The in actual fact awarded entries, prepared alphabetically, give you the most typical orthnography with a transliteration and translation, with a date and textual references.

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If we only give, we also eventually become barren and empty. I give and I receive. I receive and I give. 20 A w a re n e s s o f s e l f a n d o t h e r s We cannot control the evil tongues of others; but a good life enables us to disregard them. Cato the Elder, Roman orator and politician (234 BC – 149 BC) We have been taught that the causes of our problems are usually other people and circumstances. It follows, therefore, that we have also come to expect that the solutions to our problems are to be found somewhere outside of ourselves as well - in others and/or in changing circumstances.

In this way we show understanding and are forgiving. We do not become a victim and we suffer less harm. I choose how I think, feel and react. I choose to think, feel and react in ways that serve me. 37 A n c i e n t W i s d o m f o r t h e m o d e rn m i n d Everyone has a doctor in him or her; we just have to help it in its work. We cannot be whole (or healthy, happy and holy) without some semblance of balance between our rational, reasonable, logical side and our spiritual, emotional, intuitive side.

While it is normal and healthy to mourn these endings, it is also heartening to remember that within these cycles every ending heralds a new beginning. When we move house, we start living somewhere new. When we end a job, we start another job or another phase in our lives. These are immutable laws of the universe. There are no exceptions. Therefore, it must be that when our life ends a new beginning springs forth. I am part of the cycle of life. I trust that from every ending springs forth new beginnings.

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