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By Mara L. Pratt

Anecdotes from the time Washington grew to become president throughout the battle of 1812, the increase of Andrew Jackson, and the sectional modifications resulting in the Civil conflict. various black and white illustrations supplement the textual content. appropriate for a long time eight and up.

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Not many months had passed when there came news of his sudden death. Every possible honor was paid this brave, good man, the Father of his Country, as he was called. In England and France even, the highest honors were paid him. The English ships were ordered to wear their flags at half mast, and the French ruler ordered that the banners be draped with crape. Wherever Washington's name was mentioned, it was always with tender reverence and love. WASHINGTON'S GRAVE, MOUNT VERNON. Washington's Thought for Others IN no way, perhaps, do we show ourselves to be gentle-bred, more than in our consideration for others.

For an hour or two this ship tacked, and stood off to sea, and tacked again, and finally anchored at the mouth of the harbor. The people watching from the shore could see the boats being lowered, and the soldiers preparing to land. Rebecca and her friend had hastened up into the tower of the light-house, and eagerly watched the movements of the soldiers in their glittering armor and gay red coats. " cried Rebecca, as she thought that before night her little home might lie in ashes, burned by these cruel British soldiers.

Cried the excited Rebecca. "And see! they have reached that little sloop and are going to burn her! O, how mean! It's a shame! Where's that drum? " "No; we could hide behind the sand-hills and bushes. " "O, look! look! " "There! I won't stay one minute longer and see those cowardly British burn our boats! The cowards! why don't they go up into the village and fight like men? Come, let's get the drum. " "All right," said Sarah, now thoroughly aroused. "There's the fife too! " And away the two girls ran down to the cottage for the fife and the drum; and away they scrambled among the rocks, behind the bushes and the sand hills, out towards the end of the point.

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