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Before the Oath: How George W. Bush and Barack Obama Managed a Transfer of Power

It’s one of many hallmarks of yank democracy: on inauguration day, the departing president heeds the desire of the folk and arms the keys to energy to a successor. The transition from one management to the following sounds basic, even ceremonial. yet in 2009, as President George W. Bush briefed President-elect Barack Obama in regards to the ongoing wars and plummeting economic climate he’d quickly inherit, the Bush group printed that they have been grappling with a late-breaking chance to the presidency: U.

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Governing Scotland explores the origins and improvement of the Scottish workplace in an try and comprehend Scotland's place in the united kingdom union country within the 20th century. competing perspectives have been encapsulated in debates on how Scotland could be ruled within the early 20th century: a Whitehall view that emphasized a certified forms with energy focused on London and a Scottish view that emphasized the significance of Scottish nationwide sentiment.

Britain and the International Committee of the Red Cross, 1939–1945

James Crossland's paintings lines the background of the overseas Committee of the purple go' fight to carry humanitarianism to the second one global struggle, by way of targeting its tumultuous courting with one of many conflict's key belligerents and masters of the blockade of the 3rd Reich, nice Britain.

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"At its center, politics is all approximately relatives of rule. for this reason one of many significant preoccupations of political conception is what it potential for people to rule over each other or percentage in a strategy of ruling. whereas political theorists are inclined to regard rule as an important evil, this ebook goals to give an explanation for how rule don't need to be understood as anathema to political existence.

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And the rights of women at work to paid maternity leave, flexible working hours, and available child care—rights increasingly 30 America in the Shadow of Empires available across the rest of the Western world—still remain to be won in most states in contemporary America. Labor as a voice is weak in industry. Workers as a political force are perpetually outspent by the lobbyists for business, and a post-Reagan culture privileging individualism over collectivism now erodes the legitimacy of even the most modest attempts to avert the worst excesses of unregulated capitalism.

In an important essay to which we will return, George Steinmetz lists the territorial ones as “(1) classical land-based empires; (2) expansionist nation-states such as early modern and modern-century France . . ” Likewise, nonterritorial empires, which involve the control of space rather than the annexation of territory or sovereignty, also took distinct forms in the early modern and modern periods. ”61 That wild confusion arises because empires come in different times and types: ancient and modern, land- or sea-based, global or regional, formal and informal, or political or economic.

The linkage of pay and productivity fuelled the great expansion of American middle-class living standards in the 1950s and 1960s. It was a link that was then broken in the Reagan The Nature of Our Contemporary Condition 27 and post-Reagan years, so that American workers even in core manufacturing industries maintained a rising standard of living after 1980 (if they maintained it at all) only by combining longer working hours and more family members going out to paid work with rising levels of personal consumer debt.

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