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By Berg, Alban; Bernhardt-Kabisch, Ernest; Floros, Constantin

The crucial aspect of this booklet is the belief that the inventive paintings of Alban Berg, which lately has moved to the vanguard of scholarly curiosity, is essentially rooted in autobiography, in order that for that reason you possibly can achieve entry to the track through learning the inner biography of its author. therefore, the 1st of the 3 components of this quantity outlines a personality portrait of this nice composer. half considers the stipulations appropriate to a deeper knowing of Berg and of the second one Viennese institution in general. partly 3, then, Berg’s key works could be analyzed and semantically deciphered when it comes to his inner biography. The examine is predicated not just at the resources in print but in addition at the wealthy unpublished fabric. Alban Berg used to be incapable of composing with out a software. He wanted an extra-musical stimulus. With him, own adventure was once the imperative of the inventive procedure: the autobiographic reference used to be all-important for composing

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The collection also included aperçus about happiness by Shakespeare and Nietzsche. ” 33 The bitter experiences Berg underwent during the war years and the collapse of many illusions seem to have altered his outlook on life: a pessimistic mood is implicit in many places in his letters. Defeatism and resignation, incidentally, also characterize the overall mood of many of Webern’s letters. On July 14, 1920, he wrote to Berg: “What I have learned above all during the last years: resignation, resignation.

11 Irony and Skepticism “As for Shaw’s sarcasm – his irony and derision of man and world – that was modern 10 years ago! ” Adorno about Berg157 If one can believe the reports of his pupils and friends, Berg developed a tendency toward black humor in his last years. ”158 Long before his death he must therefore have had intimations of mortality. No less suggestive is an incident related by Willi Reich. ”159 Clearly, humor, black humor (Adorno spoke of “desperate humor”), irony satire, even sarcasm were nothing alien to him.

64 Berg himself, to be sure, was not satisfied with the reception of the work by the public or by the critics. In a letter to Clemens Krauss, probably from the year 1932, he complained about the prospect of the opera’s being dropped from the repertory and ascribed it to the special constellation in Vienna’s musical life, the power of the Church and the power of the press. Vienna’s musical life, he thought, was subject to dictatorial influences, “which emanate, on the one hand, from Archbishop Piffl and, on the other, from Dr.

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