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By Chris Carlsson

A teenage arsonist threatens submerged mid-22nd century San Francisco. As a Public Investigator "tryout" seeks proof around the utopian urban choked with canals and veloways, the political and social conflicts of a society in response to generalized abundance and in most cases held wealth are explored. here is a imaginative and prescient of post-economic existence with the pleasures, discomfort and confusion attribute of the human situation throughout ancient classes set in a San Francisco surprisingly frequent and but dreamily assorted. whilst there's no such factor as deepest estate, what's crime, and the way does a utopian society defend itself from undesirable habit? should still scientists be as unfastened as artists to create? what's a 'free industry' for paintings with no funds and commodities? "Many take on the apocalypse, yet no longer due to the fact Ernest Callenbach's Ecotopia has a author predicted its Left Coast utopian aftermath. In Carlsson's hugely inventive sci-fi mystery, an alienated teenager and an arson investigator demonstrate the fissures in San Francisco's progressive new society. After The Deluge merits a large readershi for its vibrant blueprint of a sustainable direct democracy set one of the still-familiar human cultures and neighborhoods - superior through greenways and canals - of town by way of the Bay." [Laura Lent, librarian, San Francisco Public Library]

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