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It illustrates empirically the proposed approach for Bolivia and shows that it allows a much more detailed assessment of progress towards MDGs 2–7 by focusing on the distribution of progress. Furthermore, this extension also allows an explicit assessment of the linkage between progress in MDG1 and MDGs 2–7 as well as extending traditional incidence analysis by quantifying outcomes in non-income dimensions of poverty along the income distribution. Chapter 6 links childhood mortality and economic growth in India.

9 Subregional primary enrolment rates (NER) and numbers out of school, 2015 (millions) No. of countries with UPE No. 6 9/17 7/9 6/7 1/5 12/18 4/7 10/14 7/11 13/18 5/10 11/13 No. of countries with UPE No. 1 182/230 Notes: NER = net enrolment rates; UPE = universal primary education. Literacy No estimates of literacy were located. 12 The two approaches are not entirely consistent, with naïve projections predicting lower literacy. This is because recent rapid increases in enrolments are not yet reflected in higher literacy, but the accounting approach picks up these increases.

More rigorous investigation into achieving the MDGs is thus possible for India, and many questions can be addressed. Chapter 2 assesses progress towards the millennium development goals. Since the adoption of the International Development Targets, and their successors the MDGs, a growing number of publications have presented estimates of development outcomes in 2015 which, as mentioned, is the target year for most of the goals. What most of these projections show is that the developing world as a whole is ‘off track’ with respect to a number of targets and many countries will fall far short.

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