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Karl Patterson, someday baseball card broker with no obvious technique of help, does not get alongside all that good along with his father, even if he lives within the visitor apartment of his dad's property at the Palos Verdes Peninsula close to la hire loose. So he's shocked while Richard Patterson, who's founder and CEO of a winning software program corporation referred to as Dionysus, asks for his aid to figure out no matter if the quantity 2 guy of Dionysus, Ned Mackay, has a playing challenge. might be the reason for this is that Karl may possibly or will not be a compulsive gambler, himself, reckoning on whom you ask.

Richard assigns his government assistant, the unique and impressive Arrow, to paintings with Karl. She appears to be like to have a few blood from each ethnic crew you could identify, and the simplest of every. She is helping Karl hook up with Ned, and Karl wangles a call for participation to fly with him to San Francisco, which brings up the query of what Ned's dating is to James Buchanan, a confusing one who likes puzzles, runs what seems to be an unlawful playing on line casino, and is CEO of a San Francisco conglomerate that owns a bit of almost every little thing worthy owning.

Before Karl could make any growth, Ned is located lifeless in San Francisco with cocaine in his vehicle. Karl is wondered through the San Francisco police, and now unearths himself attempting to ensure what occurred to Ned, and what influence this can have on his father and Dionysus. questions about James stay, simply because he turns out to wish to realize keep watch over of Dionysus, and will support Karl purchase a dear baseball card.

Events hold Karl concerned lengthy after his father wishes him out. earlier than he is via, he will be a common flyer among L.A. and San Francisco, with sidetrips to Scotland and England. he'll need to tips on how to paintings with Arrow, get in addition to Jacie, Richard's younger spouse, attempt to increase his courting together with his father, and--if he desires to survive--watch his back.

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I don't know anything about sports memorabilia. " "I'll never know until I try," I said, attempting to keep a straight face and making a mental note that if I ever did start a serious business to steal Arrow away from Dionysus. We were flying over the coastal mountains of California, climbing to a cruising altitude of thirty-something thousand feet, as the pilot had just informed us. Scattered clouds below us were unsuccessful in blocking the sun's rays, which lit up the harsh brown hillsides.

Chapter 3 BUSINESS PLAN I drove the few miles to Redondo Beach and spent an hour strolling along the street above the beach, trying to work out a plan of action. The surfers in the water, seagulls on the sand and bicyclists/runners/skaters/walkers on the bike path below didn't inspire me and I wasn't very successful. Then I drove a few more miles to the Marriott, parked in the free lot across a side street from it and walked over. The idea of putting name-brand hotels in Torrance was a relatively recent one.

The guarantee was made with a credit card. If I were going to start traveling I would need to get a credit card again. But I didn’t want any part of rushing from one appointment to another all day and all night. If this defined the life of a corporate executive I would stick to selling baseball cards. No wonder Ned appeared to be under stress. Maybe he was just suffering from burnout. I could understand that. But would my father understand a concept like burnout? I doubted it. Anyway, my job was just to find out whether or not Ned was a compulsive gambler.

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