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Riistow, Der Lugner (Thesis Erlangen), Leipzig 1910. 58) Aristotle, De sophisticis elenchis 24, 180 b 2. '9) Lucianus, Vitarum auctio, 22; for Aristotle's reply, cf. De eophisticis elenchie 24, 179 a 34. ius, De vitis, &c. VII, 82; Cicero, Academica II, 49; for Aristotle's reply, c]. De sophisticis elenchis 179 b 34. 61) The following views on Plato's relations with the Megarics are similar to those defended by J. , London 1908. It seems to me that the rejection of these views by F. M. Cornford, Plato and Parmenidee, London 1939, p.

Cornford, Plato and Parmenides, London 1939, pp. , also gives much interesting material for this argument. 43) Of. Section 78. 44) B. Bolzano, Wissenschaftslehre, Sulzbach 1837, 2. , S. 15. 45) Plato, Phaedo 100 E. - We refer, of course, to Eudoxus' famous theory of proportions, which in Greek mathematics played the same role as the theory of real numbers in contemporary mathematics; cj. Section 36. 48) For the terms 'element' and 'principle' cj. Aristotle, Metaphysics Ll 1-3; for Aristotle's comments on Plato's conception of the continuum, Metaphysics A 9, 992 a 10 ff.

For whatever purpose, to attain full efficiency he must be born again. It is not surprising that to the ancient Greeks science, art, philosophy, and also religion were equally regarded as incapable of being taught to the public. Consequently, a metaphysician is a man who has been initiated into the mysteries of existence, who has found the clue to the enigma of life. The ancients fully realised the analogy between metaphysics and mysticism; this appears from a text by Psellus, which has been published by J.

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