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The narrator has this dream after she and Luke are married; but notice that in her account she refers to Luke’s ex-wife as his wife. Yet further suggestive of the narrator’s difficulties as “the second woman” is the fact that the clothes do not fit; although they are hers, they also are not hers. And finally, in the dream Luke will not look at her or answer her. One imagines that his response to his first wife is precisely the same; that is, he undoubtedly looks away from her, refusing to answer her questions.

Perhaps equally worrisome is Offred’s reliance upon traditional grammars with which to structure her relationship with this man. For example, in Offred’s first account of her visit to Nick’s room, she relies heavily on the language of Harlequin romances. She and Nick do not talk: Outside, like punctuation, there’s a flash of lightning; almost no pause and then the thunder. He’s undoing my dress, a man made of darkness, I can’t see his face, and I can hardly breathe, hardly stand, and I’m not standing.

Sororize, it would have to be, he said. From the Latin. He liked knowing about such details. The derivations of words, curious usages. I used to tease him about being pedantic. “From the Latin”: Luke, obviously, has had a somewhat different education than the narrator. Like so many men of privilege throughout history, he knows the language of the classical curriculum and he uses this knowledge in a subtle reaffirmation of classical gender roles and inequalities (men can be brothers, one to the other; women cannot).

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