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ALL CHANGE Draw an arrow on a piece of paper, and then challenge your friend to reverse the direction of the arrow without touching the paper. To win the bet, just slide a glass of water in front of the paper and the arrow will appear to reverse direction. THE UNDRINKABLE DRINK Tell your friend you’re going to place their drink on the table in such a way that they won’t be able to drink it. ). Next, put the entire set-up on the table and then carefully slide away the card. Your friend won’t be able to get to their drink, and when they lift the glass the liquid will go everywhere!

Conversely, putting some vinegar on your finger beforehand will help remove any dirt or oil, and make it much easier to produce the note. In the nineteenth century this strange ringing effect was used to create an unusual musical instrument called the glass harmonica. Musicians would rub tuned glass bowls to create different notes, and it was widely believed that the eerie sounds made people go mad. It was later discovered that the musicians were marking the notes with poisonous lead paint, licking their fingers when they played, and therefore ingesting the paint.

When you put one fist on top of the other, secretly hold out your lower thumb and wrap your upper hand around it! That way, your friend will struggle to push your fists apart. INSTANT HYPNOSIS Bet your friend that you can move their fingers using the power of hypnosis. When they accept the bet, ask them to clasp their hands together and extend their two first fingers like this. Next, ask them to look into your eyes and count to five. Tell your friend that they are now hypnotized and ask them to imagine their two first fingers slowly moving towards one another.

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