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By Perkins, George C.

Книга старой вышивки (1921)ПРИМЕРЫ :страница 1страница 2страница 3страница 4страница 5страница 6

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The linen panel with silk embroidery shown on plate 55, with its fanciful designs of birds, animals and quaint human figures, is half Spanish, half Moorish in character. The Christian symbolism in the lower rows will be noticed. The worker's name is embroidered at the top. With the opening of the 16th century came another wave of Oriental influence into the Spanish peninsula, not by force of arms this time, but by way of commerce. The Portuguese were the first European seamen to arrive in the Far Eastern seas.

The great river provided a the of the interior for of the country, and churches highway penetration and monasteries were built in considerable numbers. The latter counted among their inmates many foreigners, among whom craftsmen would be included. It was due largely to these foundations that a school of craftsmanship arose that is generally designated as Rhenish-Byzantine in its earlier stages. The three small panels illustrated on plate 56 may be late examples of this type, probably made in the 13th century.

Artificial ; Another panel here initials of the owner, illustrated (plate 57) bears the date 1598, with the and a device of a cross-bow and bolt. It represents Woman of Samaria at the Well. The latter figure is in fullof the dress Swiss costume period. The well in this subject was thought to require rather a more substantial support than the figures of the Christ and the "Senses" panel, and so a few lines with a couple of flowering plants have been disposed in the foreground to suggest a stretch of earth.

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