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Martyr Dr.Mostafa Chamran Savehe life-style.

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I whisper to the stars, and I listen to the unspeakable secrets of the sky. I climb into the depths of galaxies slowly, and I disappear in the infinite universe. ” Not a new lifestyle 52 When someone shook hands with the doctor while staying one step back, everyone understood it was the first time that he had met the doctor. Then the doctor embraced him and kissed him several times. He became ashamed a lot and noticed that either someone did not go ahead or if somebody did go ahead, he would go to his arms directly.

Not a new lifestyle 40 My mother was in the hospital for a week. Mostafa kissed her hand and shed tears. He wept very much, and she was surprised and embarrassed with so much affection from her son-in-law. For those who thirst for humanity 41 I “ like to sit on top of a mountain at sunset, free from restrictions, and behold the sun going down below the horizon. I entrust all of my life to this divine beauty so that the magical beauty can play with my warp - weft by its artistic fingers. It can open my burning heart, and I can make the volcano of pain and sorrow active and freely shed tears.

I do not find anything but a burning heart from which flames flare up. It sometimes illuminates my existence and sometimes I am buried under its ash. Yes, I do not find anything but a burning heart in myself. I evaluate everything with it. I look at the world through it. ” All the kids gathered, and some groups volunteered to hit it. The doctor did not let anyone go. ” In the morning, it was reported that the bridge had gone. We went there, and it was the truth. It was reported that the doctor and his team were coming back along the river last night while they were laughing.

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