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By Carolyn Christmas, Dorris Brooks

Tunisian crochet is a kind of crocheting within which each one row is made from parts--placing loops at the hook, and dealing them off. The paintings isn't grew to become, so one aspect of the paintings, frequently front, is often dealing with you.

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If you have been longing to have your whole favourite crochet options and distinctive stitches in a single convenient booklet, then glance no extra. you will discover over fifty five initiatives that pass hand-in-hand with the featured suggestions & stitches and full-color images all through. additionally integrated is a different Getting begun part that incorporates diagrams and directions for easy crochet stitches.

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Книга на английском языке, посвященная вязанию крючком узоров с мотивом ананас (pineapple). Представлены самые разные модели салфеток - круглых, прямоугольных, тканенвых с обвязкой и т. п.

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