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By Susie Isaacs

Secrets and techniques and methods from a back-to-back global sequence of Poker girls championship winner.

summary: secrets and techniques and techniques from a back-to-back international sequence of Poker girls championship winner

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A-A and K-K are worth a reraise if it has been raised when the action is on you. If you are in late position with A-A and the pot has been raised and reraised when the action gets to you, put in a third bet. At this point you have the nuts and need to play it thusly. 17. Other big hands such as K-A (big slick), JJ, Q-A, or 10-10 need to be played a bit more carefully. If you are playing at a tight table (conservative), raise with these hands from early position. If you are at a loose (aggressive) table, just call from early position—but also call if someone raises from a later position.

As a matter of fact, it’s pretty rare for someone to have the nuts. I know a player who keeps two walnuts in his pocket. At showdown, if he rolls his nuts into the pot, everyone knows he has the nuts. He is a winning player, but he doesn’t get to do his “walnut visual” often. LIMIT TEXAS HOLD’EM 29 24. ” This poker teacher disagrees, especially for the new player. Look at your cards as often as necessary. 25. If you are in a hand until the end, always turn your cards up, even if you think you have a losing hand.

Example: 4-5, 8-9, Q-K, and so on. In Omaha you would have four cards 10-J-Q-K or A-2-3-4, and so forth. Cold-Call: Calling an original bet and a raise. Counterfeit: To be counterfeited in a poker game is to have the best hand beaten by the cards on the board. Example: You hold a pair of pocket 8s. Your opponent holds Q-A. You have the best hand before the flop. The flop is 9-9-3. You have the best hand after the flop with 8s and 9s. The turn is a jack; you still have the best hand with your two pair.

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